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Suggestions: health, money, imagination, limitlessness, fear, relationships


We have limitless topics.


Every audio recording in the store is designed to guide and support your personal growth and development. The Wonders have spoken about virtually every topic.

The recordings are numbered in chronological order but feel free to listen to the recordings in any order you'd like! Whether it be chronological or by a topic or an idea you are interested in, we hope you enjoy all of the material and use it to create the life you dream about.

Recordings #0-500 are introductory explorations of topics to help get you started in understanding and opening up to new ideas.
Recordings #501-1,000 are focused on starting the process of applying topics and concepts into your own life.
Recordings #1,001+ are more advanced, in-depth explorations designed to help you experience the concepts presented by The Wonders.

If you are new to the material, we recommend starting with the basics:


You have limitless growth.


Want to have a game plan for your chosen topic?

Here are some courses we put together to help get you started.


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Straight to the Source 

Every audio file in this store is a recording of The Wonders speaking. Who are The Wonders? It's a bit of a mouthful, but basically The Wonders are a collective consciousness channeled by Réné Gaudette.

If that didn't make any sense, don't worry it's not that important.

Whether you understand what channeling is or how Réné Gaudette can channel in a deep trance is not the point. The point is for you to enjoy the material and learn from the interactions.

Think of The Wonders as your trusted source that you can talk to at anytime and that provides you with the most clear, direct answers to all of your questions.

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