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Understanding The Mind - Series 169

In the past, many philosophers have perceived themselves on the basis of the mind - on the basis that the mind can think. As society itself has advanced and altered and shifted, its perceived the basis of its existence on the basis of the mind - if the mind is at work, existence is existing. As a result, the mind itself is used as a measurement of life and death. In effect, death occurs when the mind stops working.

Society, moving through its own perspectives, now perceives itself strictly on the basis of the mind. Individuals honor the mind. The intelligence quotient, IQ, is a measurement of the mind's activity and the mind's ability. As a result, IQ is honored and revered - an individual with a high IQ is set up on a pedestal and revered and honored, and an individual with a low IQ is dishonored, reduced. And so, society prides itself on the use of the mind.

In this series, you will explore the mind in much greater detail. The concepts that you've had in the past with regards to the mind will be altered and shifted. The mind will not be viewed as a function of the brain. In fact, quite the contrary. The Wonders assist you to begin to observe the mind as the tool that it is and, therefore, be able to apply the mind to your existence in a fashion that is profitable for yourself.

Includes the following recordings:

1. I Think Therefore I Am...Maybe

2. The Mind Is The Creative Tool

3. The Merry-Go-Round Of The Mind

4. Consciousness And The Mind; Are They The Same

5. The Mind Is In Control

6. The Interrelationship Of The Ego, The Self, And The Mind

Total listening time: 5:34:00

Understanding The Mind - Series 169

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