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Control vs. Command - Series 152

This series explores a new paradigm of existence. It explains how the mind is the controller of your life, while the you that is you - your soul essence - is the commander of existence.

This series forms the basis of The Wonders' teachings on control and command.

Includes the following recordings:


1. I Want That!!!
When we are in a state of control, we always want something because we fear we don't allow manifestation.

2. Command And Love, What Do They Have In Common?
Both love and command can expand our existence. So why don't we use commands more often?

3. Say Please And I Will
We use the necessity for acknowledgment in our lives as a way of expressing our control in our existence.

4. 20 Elephants This Way, 20 Elephants That Way
A look at the perspective of push/pull within our existence, and how this perspective is affected by control.

5. I Fish, I Catch, Yet I Do Not Eat
The final key to understanding control is to recognize that we have a choice to make. Here, we explore that choice.

6. All That I See I Command... And More
Now that we have an understanding of control, we explore what command really is - empowerment.


Total listening time: 06:12:00

Control vs. Command - Series 152

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