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The Relationship Series - Series 164

This series explores, in depth, relationships. The Wonders provide you with a perspective that will allow you to observe yourself sufficiently so you can recognize which aspect of the self you are applying in a relationship.

The titles of each of the sessions are designed to bring about a certain thinking process that will, to a degree, allow you to move through certain belief structures - certain aspects of the self - that will, in effect, trigger the certain portions of the self that are blocked to the point that relationships themselves do not expand

Includes the following recordings:

1. Hello, My Name Is...

2. Greetings

3. I Love You, But...

4. If Only You Were...

5. What A Masterpiece I've Created

6. Let's Kiss And Make Up

Total listening time: 5:35:00

The Relationship Series - Series 164

SKU: 164-c-99
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