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The Nature Of Reality: Part 3 - Series 229

Soundbite taken from Session #229-2-00: How The Conscious Mind Creates


In this revolutionary series - the final series on the exploration of the nature of reality - The Wonders give you a perspective of how will, applied to the conscious mind, can create reality and how, through the application of will, limits can be accepted or set aside.

Includes the following recordings:


1. The Visual Of Creation
The application of will to creation is explored.


2. How The Conscious Mind Creates
A look at the application of will to the conscious mind, and how we can command it.


3. The Limitations Of Beliefs As They Apply To The Now
A look at how our limiting belief structures affect us in the moment and how we can move beyond this.


4. Follow The Arrow
This tape looks at the simplicity of our existence, and how, through complication, we keep ourselves in our limitations.


5. This Is The Exit
Here we are encouraged to look beyond our physical beingness to observe the extent of ourselves, and our oneness with creation.


6. Oh Good I Get To Come Back

Even though most of us never want to come back to our lives, The Wonders present us with a new perspective that helps us see that this life is just a part of a greater whole.


Total listening time: 5:53:00

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Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

    The Nature Of Reality: Part 3 - Series 229

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