I Am Limitless, My Choices Reflect My Limitlessness - Series 248

This series further explores the third Defining Statement and will show you how your chosen limits reflect themselves in your reality to the point of making you believe that that's all there is. You'll also explore the belief that pain is necessary to grow, and how this belief only limits growth.

Includes the following recordings:

1. I Dare You-Cross This Line
We explore the limits we've imposed upon ourselves and have chosen to accept.

2. How Far Can You Throw The Ball
Here we look at how choices move through time and space and how to shift to create choice.

3. Snow Snow And More Snow 
Choices are like snow - there are so many you can't count them and the choices made are like being in snow or buried under it. 

4. Flying Can Be A Hazard To Your Health 
The group continues to explore, once again, the concepts, constructs, and ideas of why you convince yourself that choice has been made. 

5. The First Step Is Easy: The Second One Hurts 
Here the group is led in a direction that will uncover their brilliance. We look at our attachments. rn

6. What A Landing 
Our attachments to existence and to the reality created holds us anchored. We explore the belief structure that pain leads to expansion.


Total listening time: 6:25:00

I Am Limitless, My Choices Reflect My Limitlessness - Series 248

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