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The Nature Of Reality: Part 1 - Series 180

The first of three, this transformative series explores the initial concepts that determine reality, and the extent to which choice and fear affect the creation of reality. You will also begin to explore how to move beyond the illusion of reality. 

Includes the following recordings:

1. Reality. What Is It Really? 
An exploration of our reality to find out what is real.

2. Is This All There Is? 
A further exploration of reality.

3. I Am The Creator 
A look at how we are the creators of reality.

4. Choice And Its Effects 
An examination of how choice interacts with the reality weve created.

5. Fear And Its Affects 
A review of the degree to which fear affects our reality.

6. Moving Beyond The Illusion 
A beginning look at how to move ourselves beyond the illusion of reality.

Total listening time: 5:44:00


Recommended teachings to listen to to continue this exploration:


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Series 229: The Nature Of Reality: Part 3


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

The Nature Of Reality: Part 1 - Series 180

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