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The Nature Of Reality: Part 2 - Series 195

Soundbite taken from Session #180-3-99: I Am The Creator

The second of three, this powerful series explores what reality is truly made of, how perceptions affect reality, what it means to be the creator, and much more. This series is designed to help you shatter your illusions of reality so you can discover what reality really is.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Reality Flows As The Tide Flows
A discussion of the energy flow of reality and how, by observing the flow, we can expand our own reality.


2. You Too Can Do This
The Wonders help us understand our part in the creation of reality, and that we, too, are creators.


3. The Reality Within The Reality
Our perceptions of reality are really only realities within realities. Following this precept then, we can see how we can change this reality by changing perceptions.


4. The Key Components Of Prime Reality
Listeners are provided with the seven key components of prime reality. The Wonders also relate these to the seven prime or basic chakras within each of us. An amazing new concept is presented in this session.


5. How Creation Affects All Of Reality
The effects of creation on reality are explored. When we realize we are creators, we will help expand this view.


6. I Am The Creator: Part 2
The Wonders expand our views as creators previously explored in Series 180: The Nature Of Reality: Part 1.


Total listening time: 6:02:00


Recommended teachings to listen to to continue this exploration:

Series 180: The Nature Of Reality: Part 1 
Series 229: The Nature Of Reality: Part 3


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

    The Nature Of Reality: Part 2 - Series 195

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