I Am Sufficient - Series 247

This series explores the second Defining Statement in depth. You'll learn the extent to which you view yourself as insufficient, and how by choosing this simple view, you limit your experience of existence. You'll also come to realize that sufficiency is in every moment, whether you see it or not, and that by using push energy in your life you only move yourself further away from this realization. Simply being is what creates movement. 

Includes the following recordings:


1. Two Buckets, One Hand 
We are told to set aside our attachments to our limits because that is what maintains them. 

2. Four Buckets, Two Hands 
Our insufficiency is rooted in our need to problem solve in our existence. Moving beyond this need brings sufficiency. 

3. Wow The Water Is Cold 
In this session, you are led through exercises to help you move beyond your attachments. 

4. Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire 
We learn that we constantly attempt to convince ourselves about something that is not our reality, and so we look to convince others. 

5. Can't You Do Anything, Right? 
Here the group is led to review their learnings and to move beyond the necessity to problem solve. 

6. Guess What? 
Beingness will create movement. Forcing and pushing only leads our consciousness to say: There, I've solved the problem.


Total listening time: 6:01:00

I Am Sufficient - Series 247

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