This series is designed to bring about an opportunity to expand your conscious mind. The conscious mind refers to the portion of the mind that is aware of that which exists in the moment, is aware of the reality that surrounds you, and as a result, can be expanded. The reason the conscious portion of the mind can be expanded is to bring about to an individual a shift in perspective.

View it from this perspective: the subconscious portion of the mind and the unconscious portion of the mind maintain a connection to soul essence. The conscious portion of the mind, however, is that portion of that mind that manifests, creates the reality that you perceive surrounding you.

As a result, belief structures, certain perspectives, exist within the conscious portion of the mind. To expand the conscious portion of the mind, therefore, is to expand belief structures, expand perspectives, and therefore, create a reality that is designed to bring about benefit to the existence.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Now I See It, Now I Don't

An exploration of perception and how, by changing perceptions and belief structures, we can expand our conscious mind.


2. Great Balls Of Fire

A look at how joy, humor, and pleasure can expand our conscious mind.


3. Observation As A Tool

The Wonders often suggest to people to observe themselves without judgment. Here, they expand on what they mean by this statement and how observation without judgment can help expand the conscious mind.


4. Now What?

After you've learned about observation and pleasure, what comes next if you want to expand the conscious mind? The Wonders explore what comes next - you'll be pleasantly surprised.


5. If I Sit On It I Won't Use It

Here, The Wonders explore the necessity to exercise the conscious mind in order to expand it. They give us a great example of this.


6. Meditations To Broaden And Expand The Conscious Mind

The Wonders give three meditations designed to help the listener expand the conscious mind


Total listening time: 5:54:00

Expanding The Conscious Mind - Series 191

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