That Which You Are Is That Which I Am, And - Series 252

This series explores the fourth Defining Statement in greater detail, and will lead you to understand fully the extent of inter-connectivity between yourself and all of existence. You will explore why you fear self-empowerment, and come to understand that its the constancy of existence that moves with you at all times, thus creating with you as you choose.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Stop Wearing My Pants
Explore what would happen if you chose consciously to expand the self into a limitless perspective.

2. Your Face Hurts My Knuckles 
When you judge someone, you are judging yourself. When you are judging yourself, you are judging others. 


3. I'm First You're Second 
Most of us view ourselves as being first, second, right or wrong because we want others to be different. We fear that we may be lacking or lesser than. 


4. Experiences Of Karmic Proportions 
The Wonders perceive Karma as sheer poppycock. In this session, the group is led to understand why the concept of Karma disempowers us. 


5. Climbing Down Is So Much Easier 
Here the group explores why they fear their self empowerment. Why do we not see ourself capable of shifting the paradigm of our existence? 


6. What Goes Up Must Come Down 
In existence there is a constancy that is always present. It is all. It moves, it shifts, it does not remain the same, but it is constant. 


Total listening time: 5:02:00

That Which You Are Is That Which I Am, And - Series 252

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