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Understanding Time And Its Elements - Series 286

Soundbite taken from Session #286-1-01: How Is Time Created?

What is time? Is it possible to perceive future and past events right now, in this moment? This series will help you discover the how and why of time. As a continuing exploration of time, The Wonders lead you into new realizations about time and its effect on you and your life.

Includes the following recordings:

1. How Is Time Created? 
Yesterday, today, tomorrow - why do we create these lineal, fixed points of time? 

2. Why Is Time Applied To Existence? 
We have applied time to existence to create structure. We feel we need structure to function as a society. 

3. The Practical Aspect Of Time Reality
We hang on to concepts of time because it provides us with a sense of survivability. In this session, the group realizes that survivability wouldn't be an issue if there was no end. 

4. Life Without Time
The group is introduced to the idea of a world without time. What would life be like if there was no judgment? 

5. Defining Time Is Easy
Here the group looks at the definition of time being movement. Time is based on the perception of being within a passage. 

6. Now You've Done It - There's No More Time 
Now that we know that we, ourselves, created time, we learn that we can now choose to command it.


Total listening time: 3:58:00

Understanding Time And Its Elements - Series 286

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