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What is it that holds you back, from choosing to love yourself, in every moment?

In this series, The Wonders help you anchor, that love starts with you. You will explore loving yourself, trusting yourself, and realizing that, in order to truly love, you must choose to do so in every moment of your existence. Great insights into an often expressed and explored concept.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Hey, You Love Me
2. Hey, You Don't
3. Hey, I Love You
4. Hey, I Don't
5. But You Said You Did
6. But You Said You Don't
7. Maybe I Do

8. Maybe I Don't
9. What's Right?

10. What's Wrong?

11. Why Not?
12. Maybe If We Went?
13. Went Where?
14. Everywhere Or Nowhere?
15. What's This All Have To Do With Love?
16. It Has Everything To Do With Love

17. I Can't Understand The Simplicity Here
18. Why Not? It Is So Easy
19. Whisper In My Ear Words Of Love
20. Now I Truly Understand

Total listening time: 5:23:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

You Love Me. I Love You. Let's See Where This Goes. - Series 1188

SKU: 1188-c-19
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