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What do you want to create, experience, and put out in this life? This amazing series is a recording of a live workshop with The Wonders. Listen along as workshop participants are guided to new understandings and awarenesses, and shown ways to live with compassion, self-honesty, and glory, which is living from your soul essence and not just your mind.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Glory Be, Hallelujah
2. No, This Is Not Religion
3. Glory Be To You
4. Hallelujah To Glory
5. Let's Sing Some More
6. Time To Play
7. Let's Explore Your Direction
8. Is That Really Where You Want To Go?
9. Giving Up The Old Patterns
10. Can You Change Your Life?
11. As Easily As You Change Your Coats
12. Yes, We Know. You Must Be Cold
13. Generating Heat From Within
14. Multiplying, Dividing And Expanding Every Cell In Your Body
15. Dig, Dig - It's Not Helping
16. So, Why Not Without Digging?
17. This Is The Glory Of Your Life
18. Translating That Into Your Reality
19. Final Shifts To Take Place
20. This Is The Knowledge. This Is The Awareness. Move Forward.

Total listening time: 5:56:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

You And Your Glory - Choosing A New Life - Series 1062

SKU: 1062-c-16
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