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Complete collection of the 2019 Thursday study group.
The 2019 Thursday study group is an exploration of the fear that humanity is presently existing in. You will explore what choices are sustaining, supporting, maintaining that fear and realize the choices that exist right now within humanity that are attempting to shift the consciousness away from fear.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Where Is Humanity Now?

2. Why Is It That All You Care About Is Yourselves?

3. Redefining The Movement In Front Of You

4. Look At Your Psychology

5. Study The Expression Of Fear And Love

6. Join Each Other Through Choice

7. Resistance And Resistance: All Lead To Fear

8. Combining The Concepts Of The Past With The Present Movement

9. Journeying To A New Realization About Humanity

10. Where Do You Fit Into This Human Perspective?

11. The Key To Choice Is Action

12. Has Anything Changed After This Exploration?

Total listening time: 7:02:00

    Why Is Humanity So Fearful Now? - Study Group 1215

    SKU: 1215-c-19
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