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This series will attempt to - and we do mean attempt - to overcome the final resistances that you have towards accepting your own self-brilliance. If you choose, you can finally end the process and then move on to the one we just gave you about seeds.

All sessions were originally recorded in Dolby® - Digital Format.

Session Titles

1. I Thought I Had Already Chosen

2. Don't Tell Me I Haven't

3. Keep Pushing And I'll Show You What I Mean By Brilliant

4. No Criticisms Please. I'm Still In The Process Of Judging Myself.

5. Anchoring Into The Self All That Has Been Given

6. Choosing Beyond The Limitations Of The Mind

7. Surely This Can Be Easy

8. The Wonders Say 'Surely It Was Easy'

9. The Wonders Say 'Why Haven't You Already Chosen?'

10. The Audience Says 'Because I Can't'

11. The Wonders Say 'When Will You Choose?'

12. The Audience Says 'When I Finally Make Up My Mind And You're Not Going To Do It For Me'

13. This Is Fun

14. Why Are We Going Around In A Circle?

15. The Circle Is Closing. Will We Finally Get It?

16. If Brilliance Is Love, What Is Love?

17. An Expression Of Honor

18. Transcending The Limitations That Hold You Back

19. This Is The Choice. This Is The Opportunity. Choose It.

20. You Are Our Creation

When Am I Ever Going To Choose My Brilliance? - Series 730

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