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The Wonders expand on concepts of God/Goddess/The All That Is in the fifth workshop of 2015.

This will be, again, an expansion of inclusion and exclusivity from a perspective of God essence and God concepts. - The Wonders

Session Titles:


1. What Do You Define As God?

2. Is He Male, Or Is She Female?

3. Must Be Male – Can’t Be Female

4. Why Not?

5. Must Be Female – Can’t Be Male

6. Why Not?

7. No Polarity

8. But Isn’t Polarity What God Is?

9. Why Does God Allow Pain And Sorrow?

10. Why Does God Allow?

11. Choosing From God’s Perspective

12. In The Beginning, There Was Nothing

13. Are The Stories Really True?

14. Won’t This Turn Religion On Its Ear?

15. God Is Love

16. A New Concept Presented On God

17. Deepening And Broadening The Horizons

18. Going Beyond The Limits Of The Mind

19. Can You Ever Really, Truly, Let Go Of Limits?

20. Discovering The Perspectives That Will Lead You Further


Total listening time: 04:56:00

What Is God Really? - Series 984

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