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This series explores the concept of "growing up," and will assist you in shifting some of your belief structures around the concept. You will examine every aspect of your environment, of society, that has limited you and your growth.

Includes the following recordings:

1. I Dont Want To Do This
Here, the group explores why we set up resistance to growth, and how to set this aside.

2. I Was A Teenage Monster
In our teenage years, we look for our own self-definition, and anyone who tries to control us is met with resistance.

3. Responsibility And Its Illusions
We are controlling our existence and those in it in order to be responsible. Here, we look at what responsibility is.

4. Religion And Its Implications
We explore the influence of religion.

5. Society And Its Limitations
Here, we explore the limitations from society, and how we can change certain limitations just by allowing the self to explore.

6. Just When I Got It Right, I Die
After you die, you go through the process of reintegration and reevaluation, review all of your choices, and discover you could have started earlier.


Total listening time: 5:05:00

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Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

What Does It Take To Grow Up? - Series 292

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