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This will be an exploration of war, peace, inclusivity and exclusivity. There is also a comment by The Wonders as to where humanity is going.

Session Titles:


1. War

2. Peace

3. Commonality Of Both

4. Why Choose Either?

5. The Benefits Of Going Beyond

6. You Can’t Force Me - I Will Not

7. But Manipulation Was So Easy

8. Grounding The Understanding And Exploring

9. Can’t I Just Separate Myself?

10. Well You Can Jump

11. Fear – War And Peace – An Exploration

12. Fear – War And Peace – An Exploration – Part Two

13. Fear – War And Peace – An Exploration – Part Three

14. There Is No Part Four

15. Now What Will You Choose?

16. Given The Opportunity – Can You?

17. See - Keeping You On Your Toes

18. The Bible And The Literature – Is There A Commonality?

19. What Is A Prediction And Its Applications?

20. Is The Future Fixed?


Total listening time: 06:13:00

War And Peace – Is It Really Just A Book? – Series 955

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