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This series is an exploration of power, disempowerment, anger, frustration, love, appreciation, with a little bit of playfulness thrown into the mix. Most individuals, when they define themselves as powerful, define themselves in such a way as to create an image, a role, that would keep others from questioning the validity of that image. The image is usually one of push - some would call it strength, some would call it meanness, all would call it power - but it is an image of push, whereby anything that pushes against the image gets pushed back. And so, the image itself moves through existence in a push way in order to force its way through existence. The illusion that humanity has of power is that power is this very push.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Feel My Power
The mind says that if power is to push, then empowerment - self-empowerment - is the ability to resist push.

2. Catch Me In The Mirror!
We are always looking back to see our progress as opposed to looking in the moment. How to live in the now is explored.

3. Praise The Lord, I Made It
We look at why we feel we need praise and how this affects our choices.

4. Honest Officer, I Was Just Coasting
Here, we explore expression.

5. But Daddy, The Devil Made Me Do It
In this session, we learn that no one can take power away from us or give power to us.

6. Oh, Hes So Grand!!
This is the session of appreciation. We learn how to appreciate ourselves.


Total listening time: 4:38:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Vroom, Vroom, I'm A Mean Machine - Series 314

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