This series is an exploration of a variety of questions presented by the participants and will explore different facets of humanity and its inter-relationship to existence. The Wonders mentioned during the workshop that if you get any series, this is the one to get if you are interested in humanity and its choices.

Session Titles:


1. Conspiracy Theories Confirmed And Debunked


2. A Further Explanation Of Voids, Intersections And Energy


3. An Exploration Of Harming Others


4. An Exploration Of Self Harm


5. An Exploration Of The Morality Of Euthanasia


6. What Else Is Encompassed By Existence?


7. Choice And How It Is Affected By Time


8. Expanding Your Cup Size


9. Why Is The Pencil Not Moving?


10. What Are Mysteries?


11. Is There Anything Beyond Realization?


12. An Exploration Of The Realization Of The Self


13. Expanding On The Perspective That We Are A Perspective


14. A Deep Exploration Of The Reasons or Misconceptions


15. Understanding The Progression Of Nature


16. Simple Ways To Change Humanity


17. Communicating Beyond Words


18. The Psychology Of Cancer


19. Exploring The Mind/Space Continuum


20. Final Exploration To Go Where Youve Never Gone Before


Total listening time: 09:21:00 

Various Explorations Of Humanity - Part 1 - Series 753

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