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You are truly powerful beings waiting to be expressed. But as long as fear, judgment and guilt is present, you're not expressing that powerful being.

In this series, The Wonders guide you to expressing the actuality of yourself, the powerful being that you truly are, by using love to express your power.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Love Is An Easy Word To Say
2. No, It's Not The Chemistry
3. Going Past The Physicality Of Love
4. Why Not Let Stimulation Move You?
5. Rising Beyond The Ego And The Mind
6. Can You Love That Which You Hate?
7. Why Do You Hate That Which You Love?
8. Why Is It That You Fear Love?
9. The Big Bad Boogeyman
10. Fragility, Insufficiency - Why Not Love These?
11. Playing To Your Mind
12. Commanding The Love That You Are
13. If You Stay In Your Ego, Your Love Will Be Physical
14. If You Stay In Your Mind, Your Love Will Be Illusion
15. If You Move To Your Heart, Your Love Will Become Real
16. And If You Rise To Your Spiritual Self, Your Love Will Expand
17. Last And Final Journey
18. Will You Choose Finally To Give Yourself This Gift?
19. Why Is It That You Want But Refuse To?
20. Don't Look To Us To Give You What You're Not Willing To Give Yourself

Total listening time: 5:01:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Understanding The Value Of Love - Series 1166

SKU: 1166-c-18
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