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Complete collection of the 2018 Thursday study group.

The 2018 Thursday study group is an exploration of the ever-evolving experience of spirituality and how it relates to and impacts your reality.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Bringing About A Reframing Of The Understanding Of Life (January)
2. Making A Choice And Seeing Where It Goes (February)
3. Developing The Construct That Allows Spirit To Express Itself (March)
4. If The Mind Is The Tool, How Then Can It Be Used Effectively? (April)
5. Given The Limitations Of Time And Space, How Then Can You Truly Explore? (May)
6. Love, Appreciation - Interesting Concepts. What About Doing And Working? (June)
7. You Are What You Choose And You Choose What You Are (July)
8. Becoming The Adult To The Spiritual Child (August)
9. Expressing The Maturity Of Oneness Through The Immaturity Of The Mind (September)
10. Gaining Traction To Live A Life Of Comfort (October)
11. Creating The Goodwill That Will See You Through Hard Times (November)
12. Reframing A Spiritual Life To Love, Liberty And Choice (December)

Total listening time: 6:14:00

    Understanding The Interrelationship Of Cause And Effect From Spirituality

    SKU: 1165-c-18
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