Marriage is often viewed as the union of two people. And, of course, there is always an effort on the part of two people to create a perspective of perfection that would allow them to be perceived by others as having the perfect marriage. In this series, you will explore a number of perspectives involved in interpersonal relationships which can be perceived as illusions - in some cases, realities - but regardless, will move you to question psychologies, belief structures within yourselves, and those around you.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Creating The Perfect Marriage

2. A Further Exploration Of Alternatives

3. Choices And Decisions And Exploration

4. Love And Its Relation To The Marriage Concept

5. Exploring Further Love Within Marriage

6. Interdependence And The Marriage Contract


  • Total listening time: 3:36:00

Understanding The Dynamic Of Interpersonal Relationships - Series 558

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