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What are dreams? The first complete exploration of dream states, this series explores how to use this illusionary state to help create the life you want.


Includes the following recordings:


1. Space Is The Illusion Of Dreams, And Dreams Are Fun 
A discussion of the dream state and how space, as we see it, is really an illusion created by our dreams. Also, a look at imagination as the creator of dreams.

2. And Some Thought Cupid Was The Only One That Could 
Here, the listener is given the perspective needed to create within the dream state.

3. Imagine That! I'm Dreaming 
Here, you will explore the ease with which you can dream.

4. Meditation As An Adjunct To Dream States 
This session explores how to enhance dream states through meditation. The Wonders also explore the differences and similarities between the two states.

5. Dreaming The Dream That Creates Reality 
Here, The Wonders explain in detail how we can observe our reality as a dream, and dream within it to change reality.

6. Dreaming The Impossible 
In this session, The Wonders explain that if we limit our dreams, we limit our creations. So, dreaming the impossible stretches the dream muscle, and, as a result, expands our lives.


Total listening time: 06:05:00

Understanding Dream States - Series 192

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