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Réné leads this workshop to give the participants practical and pragmatic tools to help them express themselves openly, vulnerably and freely to ultimately help them realize what it means to be nonphysical and how that affects their daily lives and choices.

This is a workshop that explores allowance, awareness and understanding, but most of all, it will be an exploration of where you're at and what else is there for you to explore.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Discovering Your Own Perspectives Of Awareness
2. How Does That Tie In With Allowance?
3. Is Allowance Awareness Or Not?
4. Given Your Understandings, Can There Be More?
5. That Which You Are Is Allowance
6. And That Which You Are Not Is Allowance
7. So What Is Awareness? The Difference?
8. Bing, Bang : What Else Is There?
9. Do Titles Have Any Meaning?
10. What Is The Purpose Of Exploration?
11. If That Is All There Is, Why Isn't There More?
12. Once Again, Please, With Clarity
13. Can't You Explain It Differently?
14. I Really Believe I Know All Of This
15. And Yet, It Is Not What You're Doing
16. The Proof Is Always In The Expression
17. Allowance, Understanding, Expansion : Let's Keep Going
18. Digging Into Awareness A Little More
19. So What Have You Gained From All Of These Sessions That You've Attended?
20. How Does That Translate Into Your Existence?

Total listening time: 07:51:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Understanding Awareness And Allowance Altogether Now - Series 1288

SKU: 1288-c-21
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