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At the very core of humanity there are a number of beliefs that maintain and uphold the very fabric we call humanity.
This series explores these beliefs and relates them to the individuals in order to help us understand the subconscious parts of ourselves that are participating in the grand experiment called Humanity.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Making A Choice Without Provocation
2. Being Out Of Control
3. Seeing The Illusions That Define Humanity
4. Giving In To The Fear Itself
5. You Can Create
6. Without Difficulty, More Is Possible
7. Government And Its Inability To Function
8. Responsibility Of The Self And What It Implies
9. Figuring Out The Illusions Around Living
10. Given The Structure Of This Workshop, What Is Chosen Next?
11. War And Its Impacts
12. Famine - What Does It Do?
13. Dictatorships, Autocracies, What Else Is There?
14. Global Warming - How Is This Affecting You?
15. Greed And Its Impact On Society
16. The Health Of The Human Body
17. Why Did Extinction Occur Previously?
18. Modernism - What Is Involved And What It Entails
19. The Evolution Of Humanity - Where Is It Going?
20. Reexamining That Which You Now Fear

Total listening time: 5:51:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Uncovering The Fears That Are At The Core Of Humanity - Series 1138

SKU: 1038-c-18
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