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Complete collection of the 2014 Tuesday study group entitled “Uncovering That Which Lies Beyond The Ego.”

This will be a study group on going into and out of the ego, such that by July, you are, if you choose, beginning to express, manifest and act and choose based on yourself – not on the ego and the mind’s judgments. - The Wonders

Includes the following recordings:


January - 1. Let’s All Take Time To Be Egotistical
February - 2. If I’ve Chosen – Why Am I Here?
March - 3. Discovering The Illusions That Are Still Holding Me Back
April - 4. Digging Deeper Into Those Illusions
May - 5. I Too Can Do This
June - 6. This Is The Journey – This Is The Hump – What’s Next?
July - 7. Giving In To The Brilliance Of Myself
August - 8. Now I Can Manifest Without The Limits
September - 9. I Am Free – I Am Free – I Am Free
October - 10. Preparing For The Next Journey Beyond This
November - 11. More Titles For The Coming Year
December - 12. Rediscovering The Joy Of Being

Uncovering That Which Lies Beyond The Ego - Study Group 962

SKU: 962-c-14
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