This series, which was recorded during the 2005 Tuesday Study Group, is a complete exploration of various concepts that will stretch your imagination. The Wonders explore different dimensions, black holes, what lies beyond our solar system and so much more.

Includes the following recordings:

1. How Dimensions Came About
An exploration of how dimensions were first created. 

2. Interplanetary Travel And Its Link To Dimensions 
An exploration of what it takes to perform interplanetary travel, along with the introduction of new ideas on the subject.

3. Creating A New Thrust To Explore 
The Wonders help you realize what you must do to create a new direction for yourself. 

4. Exploring The Astronomical Events Taking Place 
An intriguing exploration of the black hole phenomena and how the scientific community has yet to discover its true purpose. 

5. Traveling Where No Man Has Traveled Before
The Wonders give a glimpse of what lies beyond our planetary system. What exists beyond the stars?

6. Resetting The Imagination For The Coming Year
The Wonders explore what imagination is and provide questions to ask yourself as to what extent you are willing to allow imagination to expand.


  • Total listening time: 5:15:00

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Traveling To The Outer Reaches Of Imagination - Series 495

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