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This will be an exploration - a continuance - of the first four workshops of this year (2014). It will take you into aspects and concepts that will expand your ideas of the universe, consciousness, choice, love, playfulness, joyfulness and, most of all, you.

Session Titles:


1. If You Think It Is All About Keys – You Might Be Right

2. Which Key Do You Want To Play?

3. Based On The Last Workshop – What Is Your Next Question?

4. Interesting Titles – Definitely Different Exploration

5. Is Everything Round?

6. Or Is Everything Square?

7. Is It Really Flat?

8. Or Is It Just That?

9. Is There Green Eggs And Ham?

10. Is That All That I Am – I Am?

11. Fun And Creativity – Where Can It Lead You?

12. Why Are You So Serious About This?

13. Where Is The Funny Bone?

14. What Is The Keenest Interest That You Have?

15. Ripping Apart The Old Covering

16. Let The Light Shine Through

17. Aquarius Has Nothing To Do With It

18. Time And Space – Concepts To Explore Further

19. You Thought We Were Kidding – But We’re Not

20. Big Hand For All – Give It Up


Total listening time: 05:43:00

Tickling The Ivory – Playing Jazz - Series 939

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