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This workshop is the foundation of the conscious living movement that The Wonders will explore over the next three to five years. It speaks to the core of choice with a clarity not previously expressed. You could call it the continuation and expansion of the foundational Control vs. Command series.

This workshop is about setting boundaries without limiting yourself. It is about encouraging yourself through self-love to insist on living your life consciously, fully. And most of all, it is about expressing that and learning to express it with clarity to others.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Not Only Gandalf Can Do This
2. Determination Is Necessary
3. Force Of Self Applied To The Mind
4. Your Mind Is The Monster That You've Avoided
5. Do Not Fear The Unknown Of Yourself
6. Great Progress Is Made With Great Effort
7. The Battle Of The Mind And The Self
8. Not All Individuals Will Pass
9. Set Your Boundaries Strongly
10. Why Do You Fear Another's Boundaries?
11. The Walls Are Indicators
12. Expanding The Definitions Of Your Understandings
13. This Is Not Magic, But It Is Applying Yourself
14. The Emphasis Is On You
15. You Are Not Your Mind
16. Get On The Horse And Start Riding
17. Better Hang On, You're Not Much Of A Rider
18. Practice Makes It Easier
19. Talent Takes You Only So Far
20. Gifting Your Awareness To Yourself

Total listening time: 7:48:00
Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Thou Shalt Not Pass - Series 1266

SKU: 1266-c-20
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