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Complete collection of the 2017 Wednesday study group.
What you will explore, if you choose, is moving this group consciousness to bring about a shift of spirituality within yourselves and all that surrounds you. Your love as a group consciousness can begin to express itself more clearly with all those you would meet and interact with. The choice then will be: who do you meet and who do you interact with?


Includes the following recordings:


1. Reinforcing The Group Awareness (January)
2. Just Who Are You? (February)
3. Giving A New Understanding To Connection (March)
4. Past, Present And Future - All One (April)
5. Swimming With The Sharks. Isn't This Fun? (May)
6. Giving The Gift Of Love To Each Other (June)
7. Expressing A New Brilliant Awareness (July)
8. Building The Glue That Keeps Everything Together (August)
9. Make A Choice To Live And Share (September)
10. Reinforcing The Expression Of Your Own Spirituality (October)
11. All For One And One For All ,  A New Version Of The Fourth Defining Statement (November)
12. Moving Forward With An Expanded Spiritual Consciousness (December)

Total listening time: 6:12:00

    This Is My Navel. This Is Our Navel. What's Yours Doing Here? - Study Group 1114

    SKU: 1114-c-17
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