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Though it may appear that movements exist without love, in the grand scheme of things you are on a journey to set aside all judgments of yourself that separate you from the love of God, Goddess, The All That Is.
In this powerful series, The Wonders guide you to explore the misconceptions, the ideas, and the constructs around love and to set aside the judgments and the fears that you have around it.


Includes the following recordings:

1. If I Move, Do I Love?
2. If I Love, Will I Move?
3. What Is Movement?
4. What Is Choice In Relation To Movement?
5. What Action Must I Take?
6. Doesn't All Action Mean I Love?
7. Is Death A Sign Of Love?
8. Is Life A Sign Of Love?
9. Is Living Loving?
10. So Then Let's Explore Love
11. But Life Is So Precious
12. And Life Is So Beautiful
13. And Life Is So Amazing
14. And Life Is So Brilliant
15. I Can't Do This Anymore
16. Is Suicide Acceptable?
17. What About Abortion?
18. What About Murder?
19. What About Anything?
20. All Of This Is An Exploration Of Love

Total listening time: 7:42:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

There Can Be No Movement Of Love Without Action - Series 1238

SKU: 1238-c-20
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