Imagination is something that is often taken for granted and seldom used to its fullest capacity. The Wonders explore the concept of imagination and show you how you use your imagination to limit your existence and, thus, your reality. They then take you on a journey that shows you how you can become aware of your true limitlessness when you expand your imagination. 

Includes the following recordings:


1. Imagination Defined And Explored
The Wonders explore imagination, its concepts, its limits, and its definitions.


2. Limits And Imagination: How Do They Fit?
A discussion of how our limits affect imagination, and how we can use imagination to expand our limits.


3. I Believe In Imagination
A look at how our beliefs alter and shape our imagination.


4. Anything Is Possible
Nothing is impossible within our imagination, yet we limit our imagination only to the probable and possible. An exploration of these concepts.


5. I Have No Imagination, Yet I Dream
Most of us think we have no imagination, but we all know that we dream. A look at the relationship of imagination to dreams.


6. Imagine That!

Meditations to expand the imagination.


Total listening time: 5:43:00



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The Wonderment Of Imagination - Series 205

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