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Choice is that ever-elusive perspective that is often times not clearly understood and one that the mind attempts to define in different ways. This series is an exploration of the theory of choosing. However, in order to explore theory, there also has to be a practical aspect to it. And so, you'll explore the practicality of choosing.


Includes the following recordings:


1. The Innie And Outtie Of Choice
Beginning the exploration of how our minds, in attempting to solve the puzzle of how to choose, sabotage us in our choices.

2. So Many Workshops Why Take This One?
Everyone has taken a number of different routes to learn to choose more freely but still we don't achieve what we want.

3. Choose, Choose And Still I Can't
When we try to choose, we pre-determine, pre-judge, and pre-justify not choosing.

4. Moving Beyond Theory Into Practice
Through interaction, participants are guided to an understanding of how they sabotage their choices.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice
Sufficiency, desire, and love form the three cornerstones of choice. Understanding our nature of beingness leads us to the ease of choice.

6. Back To Square One
A complete exploration of the links between the mind and our true nature, and what keeps them apart.


Total listening time: 5:20:00

Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

The Theory Of Choice - Series 385

SKU: 385-c-05
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