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Virtually all aspects in third dimensional reality breathe in an automatic and unconscious way. But in order to elevate your consciousness, it is time to realize how you breathe.
This series explores the process of expanding your consciousness through your breath. Through breathing patterns you can expand and contract the psychologies and belief structures, the physiologies, the spiritual, the mental, the emotional aspects of yourselves.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Well, Let's Breathe
2. Let's Try That Again
3. Do You Think You've Got It?
4. Give It One More Try
5. What Have You Learned About Breath?
6. The Deepening And Broadening Of Awareness
7. Breathe Deeply, Broadened More
8. A Guide To Understanding
9. Exercises Once Again
10. Let The Breath Of Life Flow Within You
11. Much Ado About Nothing
12. Moving Past The Mind's Judgments
13. Breathe From Your Toes To Your Head
14. If Life Is A Breath, What Is A Breath?
15. Uncovering The Understandings That Are Deep Within You
16. Once Again, Let's Explore Deeper
17. Now You Breathe Again
18. And You Thought You Knew How
19. One Final Breath Before You Come To Your Realizations
20. Reexamining The Breath Of Life

Total listening time: 4:44:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

The Study Of Breath And How It Expands Life - Series 1112

SKU: 1112-c-17
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