Redefining sanity is imperative before you will allow yourself to move into your own brilliance. In this series, you are given the keys necessary to move you from sanity to brilliance.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Everyones Nuts - Where Are Mine?
To define sanity is to realize that conscious choice with full awareness is sanity, even if choice may harm the self.

2. The Doctor Said I Was Smart - I Think Hes Crazy
People refuse to accept their brilliance because they fear not fitting in. This way of life could be considered insane.

3. An Exploration Of The Psychiatry Of The Crazy
Crazy people often have good functioning minds but live in society in a different way than normal people do. So they are given chemicals to make them fit in. Is this crazy?

4. I Can Fly, I Can Fly - Watch Me
Once you realize that you are crazy, the only thing left to do is choose. So, why not explore your choices?

5. The Doctor Said I Was Crazy - I Know Im Smart
An exploration of the barriers that some people experience when trying to choose.

6. Ive Lost My Mind - Where Is It?
Having been challenged, moved, and given the opportunity to get out of their own way, participants now realize how crazy they are, and are then shown how crazy can lead them out of mediocrity and into brilliance.


  • Total listening time: 5:42:00
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The Seventh Key To Sanity - Series 454

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