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This will be once again an exploration of choice and the pleasure it can offer. This time, we do see most participants resisting, having difficulty with it and then exploring it and then coming back to their old self. However, the steps to expand will still be expressed.

Session Titles:


1. We’re Back

2. So Are You

3. Stating The Obvious

4. Giving More – Complaining Less

5. Exploring Beyond Judgment

6. Creating Opportunities For Yourselves

7. Giving Pleasure Not Getting It

8. Why Are You So Self-Centered?

9. The Journey To Expansion Begins With Others

10. Once Again

11. Keep Insisting – Keep Getting The Same Result

12. Whatever Your Journey – Enjoy

13. Skiing Down A Mountain And Choice – Both The Same

14. There Are No Winners To This Game

15. Why Do You Keep Making It A Game?

16. Getting Pleasure From Giving Pleasure?

17. Setting The Tone For The Coming Year

18. Choosing A Journey – Choosing A Life

19. All That You Uncover Will Give You Pleasure

20. Once Again Back To Square One


Total listening time: 04:46:00

The Pleasure Given By Choosing – Series 931

SKU: 931-c-14
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