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A complete history of humanity from the perspective of The Wonders. For millennia, humanity has postulated and theorized about its origins, its purpose for existence, and its evolutionary journey.

In 1998, shortly after The Wonders first began speaking, they presented humanity with this amazing series of 19 sessions on the complete history of humanity from their perspective. Blending scientific concepts, long-held theories, and unprecedented information, The Wonders explore how life began, its origins, and what happened after planet Earth cooled and evolution began to take place.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Introduction - Who Are The Wonders?

2. The First Civilizations

3. The Seeding Of Life On Earth

4. The First Physical Life Forms On Earth

5. Interplanetary Travel

6. The Lemurian Civilization

7. The Civilization Of Atlantis

8. Time And Dimensions Of Reality

9. Ancient Egypt & Beyond

10. Ancient Greece & Its Predecessors

11. Ancient India & Its Beginnings (Comment on Ancient Prophets)

12. Cycles Of Evolution

13. Cycles Of Evolution - Part 2

14. Interdimensional Communications

15. Interdimensional Communications - Part 2

16. Ancient Artifacts, Tools And Structures

17. Mayans, Aztecs, Incas & Beyond

18. Mayans, Aztecs, Incas & Beyond - Part 2

19. Ancient Asian Civilizations


Total listening time: 18:06:00

    The Origins Of Humanity - Series 989

    SKU: 989-c-15
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