In this profound series, you will have the opportunity to anchor the awareness that it is choice that sustains your movement in life. Will you sustain your life through love, appreciation, allowance, brilliance, understanding, or will you sustain your life through judgment and fear? This is the choice you will make.


Includes the following recordings:
1. Without Choice, Is There Movement?
2. Without Movement, Is There Choice?
3. What Is Choice?
4. What Is Movement?
5. Now That You've Explored
6. What Have You Discovered?
7. Stop Limiting Your Ideas
8. Open Your Mind To Existence
9. Quit Looking For Definitions
10. You're Still Doing It
11. And You're Still Doing It
12. And You're Still Doing It
13. Shall We Go On?
14. Why Can You Not Choose Differently?
15. What Do You Fear Most?
16. Are You Certain This Is What You Fear Most?
17. The Illusions You Create Hold You Back
18. Reframe Your Reality
19. Choice And Movement Come Together
20. It Is Easy When You Allow

Total listening time: 5:02:00

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The Necessity Of Choice To Movement - Series 1208

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