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To one degree or another, humanity perceives that consciousness resides in the brain. But consciousness is much more than that. In this series, The Wonders explore the limitlessness of consciousness; explain how cells know exactly how to replicate themselves; how the mind sees everything with limits and boundaries, and ensures that they are maintained; and how individuals form a oneness with everything.


Includes the following recordings:


1. Where Does Consciousness Reside?

2. An Exploration OF Cellular Division And Consciousness

3. The Energy Of Beingness Within The Cells

4. Understanding The Dynamic Of Choice Within Each Cell

5. Moving Beyond The Limitations Of The Mind

6. Making A Choice That Would Effect Humanity.


Total listening time: 2:35:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

The Movement Of Consciousness Through The Cellular Structures - Series 540

SKU: 540-c-06
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