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Complete collection of the 2019 Tuesday study group.

The 2019 Tuesday study group is an exploration of the cause and effect on choice. You will be guided to explore judgment, fear, and guilt, their limitations on choice, and the opportunity to let them go so you can move freely into the next part of joy in your life. Move with joy and you will find it easy. Move with fear and you will find it difficult. Move with judgment and you will resist.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Here We Go Once Again

2. This Is The Cause

3. And This Will Be The Effect

4. Why The Future?

5. Look At The Past

6. But This Is The Now

7. I Don't Understand Choice

8. Freedom Is Overrated

9. But It Is Priceless

10. You Cannot Choose

11. Without Love

12. Now You're Ready For The Next Movement

Total listening time: 8:01:00

    The Movement Of Cause And Effect On Choice - Study Group 1213

    SKU: 1213-c-19
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