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 In this series, The Wonders shatter some of your illusions, reinforce others, and most of all, give you understandings that will lead you to a greater awareness of what you can and cannot do with yourself.


The mind is one of the most powerful tools that you have. Though you have a concept of the mind and what is involved, there is still an understanding that’s missing. You keep thinking to yourself that the mind resides simply in your brain. Scientists tell you that the brain is the functional organism in which the mind resides, in which all the cognitive ability resides. So you keep saying to yourself, “This is where it is,” and you keep thinking that you are a mind with an appendage, called the body, that allows you to move through existence, allows you to play with it.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Where Does The Mind Reside?

2. Whats A Memory?

3. Am I Just A Memory - Or Am I More?

4. Creating The Self From Memory

5. The Minds Ability To Control The Self

6. The Mind, The Memory And The Self. Which One Commands?

Total listening time: 5:36:00

The Mind, The Memory And The Self - How Do They Relate? - Series 520

SKU: 520-c-06
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