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What if you did know yourself? What if you were aware of your moment of creation? Would that change your perspectives? Would it affect your choices? Would it influence your direction? Would the awareness itself infuse itself into other parts of your life? These questions are explored in this series.


Each and everyone of you began with a thought. That’s what created you. It wasn’t a great deal of perspectives, it wasn’t a great deal of energy, it wasn’t a great deal of force, it wasn’t a push. It was was a simple creative thought that, in effect, began the process of creating you. Now, just imagine for a moment, what it would be like if you were that thought. Would you know yourself? Would you realize you exist? Would you understand the direction you were going into? Would all of the control perspectives that you are in the process of trying to maintain exist in you? Would you realize that every choice you’re going to make would lead you to become that which you are presently today? Each and every one of you is truly unaware of the moment of creation of yourselves.


Includes the following recordings:


1. Imagining The Mind When It Began

2. How To Expand The Minds Imagination

3. Meditations For Imagination

4. Deepening And Broadening The Mind And Its Perspectives

5. Connecting Imagination To All The Dots

6. Imagining A New Self


Total listening time: 5:06:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

The Mind's Imagination - Series 542

SKU: 542-c-06
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