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Twenty years after the The Origins Of Humanity, The Wonders expand and broaden the exploration from humanity's interconnectivity to the universe, to the interconnectivity of all consciousness in all of the universe.

These 20 recordings explore and express the concepts of consciousness, continuance, and constancy in a way that our minds can understand, and guide each listener to realize it is possible to alter and shift reality sufficiently to live a life of contentment and joy. But as long as humanity uses fear, judgment, and guilt to exist, it will not live with contentment, with joy, and will continue to maintain its perspective of separation from everything around it.


Includes the following recordings:


1. Where Did You Come From?
2. We Don't Mean The Sperm And The Egg
3. What Created The Concept Of Humanity?
4. And What Brought About Evolution Or Something Else?
5. Digging Into The Human Consciousness
6. How Will Humanity Survive Itself?
7. Can There Be Peace On Earth?
8. Is There A Way To Expand The Awareness Of Consciousness?
9. Believe And Choose
10. Is Thinking And Believing Sufficient To Create Change?
11. The Guiding Principle To Expanding The Self
12. Rising Above The Mind, The Ego And The Personality
13. Given The Opportunities You Have Gotten
14. Do You Really Choose What You Say You Choose?
15. Walk The Talk And Talk Your Walk
16. Where Does Humanity Fit In The Grand Scheme Of Things?
17. It Is Often Said That God Created All
18. But Why Would He/She/It Focus On Just You?
19. A New Vision Of What Existence Is All About
20. Our Gift Of Ourselves To You

Total listening time: 5:41:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

The Interrelationship Of Humanity To The Universe - Series 1104

SKU: 1104-c-17
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