This series is an exploration of the movement, the choices, the interactions, the connections, the allowance, the alternatives to incarnation. And itll present a new model for existence. 

Session Titles:


1. Choices To Incarnate


2. Discussion Of The Venue


3. Grouping Together The Movement


4. Creating Opportunity For Choice


5. Going – Going – Present


6. Questions Entertained From The Audience


7. Childbirth And Its Benefits


8. Physical Representation Of Energetic Movement


9. Gaining Freedom That Was Not Given


10. Coming To The Forefront – Who Is It?


11. Playing


12. Are You Me?


13. Recognition And Its Impact


14. Reviewing The Action That Led To This Choice


15. Looking Beyond The Illusion Itself


16. Choice Leads To Choice – Leads To Choice – Leads To


17. Gaining Awareness And Choosing From It 


18. You – Me – Us - Why?


19. A New Perspective On Incarnation From Us


20. If You Thought This Was Great – Wait Till Next Time


Total listening time: 11:03:00

The Interconnection Of People At The Moment Of Birth - Series 865

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