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This series, recorded during the 2003 Monday Study Group, explores third dimensional reality in relation to all of existence. The Wonders explore how all of your choices have led you to the present state you find yourself in, present a new definition of reality, reveal what binds all of existence, and much more.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Understanding The Complexities Of Existence 
Existence is the foundation of everything. And so it is much broader than that which we define as existence. This is an exploration of the minds perception of existence versus the reality of existence. 

2. Reviewing The Movements Through Awareness 
In this session, participants were encouraged to and guided into a review of the extent of their own awareness of past events that led to their present movements. 

3. Redefining Reality 
Reality is defined as the flow and movement of existence in which choice is created. 

4. Observing Opportunity And Its Creations 
We tend to view opportunity as being created in the time and space in which it was perceived. But opportunity is not limited by time and space, and so when opportunities reoccur, they are based on an illusion of time and space. Its the same opportunity manifesting itself again and again. 

5. Expanding The Love Of The Universe 
There can be no exploration of inter-dimensional factors of existence without an exploration of love of the universe. The love of the universe is that which binds all of existence. In this session, The Wonders lead the group in two beautiful meditations designed to expand the love of the universe. 

6. Shifting The Choice Perspective 
Understanding choice and the degree to which it affects the inter-dimensionality of existence is the focus of this tape. You are guided to understand that repetition of choice - choosing the comfortable choice - simply helps to reinforce third dimensionality, while new choices - new directions of choice - move you into other dimensions of existence.

Total listening time:06:27:00
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The Inter-Dimensional Factors Of Your Existence - Series 393

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