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Sleep is one of the great variables of existence: some can do with less; some can do with more. Invariably, however, sleep will move through your existence in one form or another. But why is sleep necessary? How much sleep does the physical body actually need? This particular series will explore the necessity and the opportunity for sleep. The key is to recognize that sleep can, if chosen properly, move you to expand your existence; or, it can contract your existence.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, Close My Eyes In Order To Keep

2. Now My Eyes Are Closed, What Do I Do?

3. Why Is My Mind Still Working?

4. Is This Really Sleep?

5. I Hear You Snore - Are You Asleep?

6. Living Without Sleep

We can live without sleep but we cannot yet do so. This session is intended to give you an idea of where we can go.


Total listening time: 4:59:00
Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

The Illusion Of Sleep - Series 306

SKU: 306-c-02
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