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What is psychology? Most individuals, when considering the concept of psychology, consider it from the perspective of the medical establishment: it is the analysis of the mind and the choices made by the mind. It is that which provides humankind an understanding of that which is behind choices made. But it doesn't completely cover the gamut. Though it is used as a modality to assist people through crisis situations, through fear, through certain individual structures, the concept of assist is often times used more as a push than a support. Psychology, in and of itself, has a great deal of benefit to humanity, for without it, humanity would struggle with the ability to change choice. But even though there is benefit, there is also limitation within the concept of psychology. This series is a study of the humor in psychology, and will give you an indication of how humorous psychology really is.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Digging Into Psychology Itself

2. Understanding Polarity Concepts Within Psychology

3. Why Is Psychology So Important?

4. Just What Is Psychology Anyway?

5. Groucho Marx's Psychology

6. The Three Stooges - How They Relate To Psychology


Total listening time: 3:45:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

    The Humor Of Psychology - Series 589

    SKU: 589-c-07
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