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An exploration of movement, an exploration of direction and the choices involved in that, and most of all, our gift to you.
In this series, The Wonders explore the direction humanity is choosing to move towards, the events and the circumstances surrounding yourself, and the world you exist in.


Includes the following recordings:

1. It Is Not For Us To Say
2. It Is For You To Choose
3. Don't Give Up Yet
4. Yes, Much Change Is Coming
5. The Reflection Of Change In Life
6. Humanity's Fearful Journey
7. A Greater Exploration Of Choice And Love
8. Given This Movement, Where Is The Resultant?
9. A Direction To Possibly Explore
10. Make A Choice In This Direction
11. What Do You Fear So Much?
12. Predictions Of Realizations Coming
13. Are They Absolute?
14. Can They Be Altered And Shifted?
15. The Movement, The Direction: Let Us Set It
16. An Observation Of All That You Are
17. Let's Continue The Observation
18. Dear Friends, Ask That Which You Truly Want To Know
19. What Can We Offer You?
20. Do Not Limit Your Choices

Total listening time: 6:43:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

The Greater Benefit For The World Today - Series 1242

SKU: 1242-c-20
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